Ghorfeh Naghsh Parnian Company : Stand Design , Construction ,Rental Equipment

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Available Services


1. Self-build stands creating and designing with certificate (Grade A)

2. Implementation of modular systems & space frame
3. Designing and implementing interior decoration
4. Renting exhibition equipment , Extra furniture


If you were previously attended in the exhibition, surely you would know that for each 12 m, just one table and two chairs are given to you. So, the rest of required items such as furniture, water coolers, showcases, panels, banners and… must be provided by the participants.
If you want to create your own designed stand (self-build stand) or if you need additional equipment for your stand, with contacting us , all items will be delivered to you at stand in the shortest of time.

Why Ghorfeh Company ?


Due to the lack of time, fair work pressure and some other difficulties like entry and exit of goods, distributing and collecting which often impose heavy costs on participants, Ghorfeh Company is proud of providing all of your requirements in the shortest of time with just one call.


"We're always with you during the exhibition"


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